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hi guys, I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are! Today’s post I am so excited about today post.

Ok WHy am I so excited? Its because I actually made something from the Burda Style September 2018 issue and I made it in September, recording the vlog in September and actually publishing it in September!!! So I am kinda like YAY!!!! I actually did it because I tend to always be.

You know there is a bit of a lag between me saying “This is what I’m going to make”, then actually making it and recording it and then publishing it.

So it about 2 to 3 months down the line before you see it.

So I am like “YES!! Finally I have done it in one month! YES!!!”””” OK.

Lets get into it shall we? Right, So, This is the September issue andI did a browse through of this issue of Burda Style which I absolutely loved.

I really really loved this particular issue.

Maybe its because the previous issue was a bit of a dud for me but this one had so many fantastic patterns.

And one of the patterns that I chose to make was this wrap front blouse #121 from Burda style

Can you see it? yep. There you go. I had two fabrics that I could not choose. OH! Also I just found out.

I also found out that this same pattern thats in the magazine is available – its Burda Style 6838 – I’ll put the details down below and probably there will be like a thing ie on here for that.

But Yeah its also available as a paper pattern in an envelope if you did not want to do the whole tracing it out of a magazine thing, which is pretty awesome.

So I made it in a jersey crepe fabric that I bought from Fabs works during a Sew Down Dews bury meetup sometime last year.

I did a fabric haul so I am pretty chuffed that I actually used some fabric that has been in the collection for only a year.

Yay!!!! It pretty much used up the entire 1.5m of fabric that I had because since it is a wrap ver style top, it does have one really big pattern piece and I will show you the pattern pieces just now.

Its a very, technically speaking it is quite a simple pattern because it has got only 3 pattern pieces, however, I could nt understand the instructions.

I’d be lying to you if I said that I totally understood the instructions.I ended up going off road and pinning out and figuring stuff out for myself because I just could nt get my head around what the instructions were saying but I am used to this when it comes to sewing with Burda and I do not mind.

I ended up with something that looks exactly like whats supposed to be in the magazine. Whether on the inside it is, is another story altogether. I love it so much,its so comfortable and its got the wrap front and I also.

Do you know what? I’m just going to show you the top and then I will talk about what I like about it. Remember to stay tuned in because I actually made a second top. Thats how much I like this pattern. I made a second one.

Ok lets get into modelling the top for you.

What I would say if you are considering making this with regards to the fabric – you want to make sure you have something that has 4 way stretch not just one way stretch. Because the sleeves are quite narrow which is fine for me.

If this fabric did not have the 2 way stretch that it did, these would have been too tight.

So just make sure that its 4 way stretch.

It is drafted – it does not have a lot of ease in it which is what you get with Burda Style patterns anyway.

I am very happy with the amount of ease that it has. In fact its just perhaps a little bit snug around the booty area but its not a big deal, I like wearing it like this.

I just love the brightness of the colors. It feels like I am just popping popping popping! When I am wearing it I just wanna sing “I get so excited.

” cant stop singing it ” I get so excited!” OK. What else is there to tell you about the pattern.If you ever sewn a shawl collar before, its just that same concept. SO I would say that this isn’t a beginner friendly pattern per se because shawl collars are a little bit tricky.

You have to sew up the center back seam before you sew it up to the neck seam. So you probably need to look as some tutorials about how to do it.

But anyway guys, I liked this so much. I decided to make another one. U sing the other fabric.When I did the Burda style September browse through, I couldn’t choose between two fabrics if you remember.

SO I made another one. But I wanted to make it a dress and I wanted to make it a sleeveless dress that I would wear with a black roll neck top.

I will show you what I have so far. There is a fair amount of puddling there. Its a little bit tight around the booty area. I think.

And I made a mistake here, I need to sew this bit in.But I think that it is coming along. I cant decide on what length to make it. I went for knee length. But I am thinking that I will probably make it shorter.

Shorter maybe? Or even, making it more like a tunic that I can wear with leggings. I think i can wear it with a belt. I think it could work if I belt it. I am definitely leaving it sleeveless. SO either I am going to go for mini, or tunic , or dress length.

So those are the two versions of the wraps front blouse top from BUrda Style I am super, super pleased with myself that I actually managed to make 2 and talk about them in the same month that the magazine was published. I kinda feel like that’s a bit of progress in my own personal Burda challenge.

So, let me know in the comments box down below what you think about the dress, whether I should make it a short length to wear with tights or maybe like a tunic length or the full length dress. Its definitely going to be sleeveless.

I had enough fabric to make sleeves with it but I decided that I wanted to go sleeveless and the arm scy drafting is such that it does right up to my underarm which is absolutely perfect. I am just going to tuck them under and do a zigzag stitch. But the idea is that I would wear this with a black roll neck top.

Once I’ve actually finished it I will do another video to show you what it looks like in the style. I really loving working it with the belt and I think if I wear it with a belt, I don’t have to worry about the swayback adjustment at the back.

Ok I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did,please do give it a big thumbs up down below.If you haven’t already, do subscribe for new sewing related videos every single week.

And until I see you next time – Happy Sewing!!!!!Bye!!!.

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