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You can do various things on sewing machine like sewing patches on jackets. Today we’ll talk about shanks and presser feet and snap on and screw on systems. And all kinds of adapters for your sewing machine. Because, at Madame Sew, we sell universal presser feet we get a lot of questions about this. Will this, or that, foot fit my sewing machine? Let’s take a look at your machine. First you have to find the little screw that is used to attach the presser foot holder, or your presser foot, to your presser foot bar. You have to locate the presser foot holder screw to determine if you have a high or a low shank machine. Most domestic machines are low shank but there’s an easy way to know for sure. Let’s measure. First, put your presser bar in the down position. You’ll need a small ruler. I made one out of little cardboard. Then you measure from the back of the machine to the center of the screw. If the length at the bottom of the presser foot, to the center of the screw is half an inch, you have a low shank machine. If you measure one inch, or longer, you have a high shank machine. If you have a Bernina, you don’t have to measure. The Bernina system, for presser feet, is completely different.

I’ll explain this further on. So what type of presser feet do we have? This picture, as you can see some of our snap-on feet. Like right hand foot and open toe foot and just all kind of presser foot. You can snap them on and off, their presser foot holder, by just pushing a little button, or pulling them down. Theses are all examples of screw-on feet. You need a little screwdriver to screw the foot on and off. First you remove your regular presser foot, with the presser foot holder, or the adapter. Then you take your screw-on foot and you just screw it on the presser bar. And then you have the Bernina system. Bernina uses clip-on feet. Let’s start with the snap-on feet. Will you need an adapter to use those, or not? Most people will be able to use our universal snap-on presser feet without the need for an adapter. But some of you will need one. Most low shank, snap-on, sewing machines use the same universal snap-on system, for the presser feet.

With my Brother, I can use all Madame Sew universal presser feet without any adapter. But, some brands have a different snap-on system. Like PFAFF. You have to use the low shank snap-on adapter to be able to use the universal snap-on presser feet. The same goes for low shanks crew-on sewing machines. You will need the universal low shank snap-on adapter to be able to use our snap-on presser feet. This adapter now attaches to your sewing machine, in exactly the same way as your screw-on presser feet.

And then you can just snap our universal presser feet on and off. Also for high shanks snap-on machines, you won’t need an adapter if they use the same universal snap-on system. If you have a high shank snap-on PFAFF machine, or a high shank screw-on machine, you will need the universal high shank snap-on adapter to be able to use our universal snap-on presser feet. If you have a Bernina sewing machine, you will need this specific Bernina adapter and a low shank adapter to use our universals nap-on presser feet. Now we go to the screw-on feet. In what case, will you need an adapter, to use our screw-on feet? All our screw-on presser feet are for low shank machines. So if you have a low shank sewing machine you can use them. If you have a high shank sewing machine you can’t. And there is no adapter to fix this. If you have a Bernina sewing machine, yes you will be able to use them but you will need the specific Bernina adapter.

So if you have any more questions, or hesitations, about the presser feet, or the shanks, or the different types, or whatever, don’t hesitate to send me an email. I’ll be happy to help you. Have a nice day! Bye!.

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