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If you have success business you may go for business cards for sewing. Hi guys! Has once a poet said, we should start from the beginning. So I thought the best way to start a creative craft vlog is with a sewing machine unboxing. What do you think? Let’s do it! Creating and sewing has been part of my life for several years and I’ve been doing it with the help of my friend here. It’s a pretty basic machine but it has been my friend and hum. It’s time to move on isn’t it. so I decided to buy a new one and there’s a new beast in town! And so I’m going to put here my old machine and I going to show you the new beast 🙂 uaghh. It’s heavy! So this is a Singer Heavy Duty 4423 and I heard it was.

It is pretty good, So I decided to buy it and do an un boxing So if can you see on this side here, you can see that there’s six basic stitches. The regular, the zigzag four stretch stitches for stretchy fabrics and. It has twelve decorative stitches that you may use or not but it’s, I think, always useful to have them. And it has a very interesting thing, a fully automatic 1-step button hole that I am very eager to try! So on the back of the box you have some strong points of the machine. You have here a metal structure, a very strong metal structure they say, You have a top bobbin, which is really handy because it’s easier to use and here it’s shows the 1-step buttonhole that I’ve told you about. So let’s open it! Oh I am so happy! Oh my god it’s the first time I am opening it! A lot of stuff.

Plastic all over. It has an handle to take it off of the box I don’t know if I am going to be able to do it Oh it’s so so heavy! Ok box down haha tcharam! So. They’re never easy to unbox are they? Instructions guide, very important. You have a handle, and you have the main buttons for the. To choose your stiches, to choose the length of your stich, you have.Well. pretty much the basic things that every machine has but Here. I will try to show you. Makes noise so it has something inside haha all the accessories you need. Let me show them to you all the extra. So you have extra bobbins, a tool to cut the stitches when we make a mistake, always handy, the tools for making the automatic buttonhole.

This is a tool help you with the quilting, that I will definitely explore, Extra needles! And. To sew zippers! And that’s it! Oh! A very interesting thing is here on the back you have like a small button here, so you can lower the. Oh my good you can lower the feed dog, so this is perfect for quilting, it was actually one of the problems I had with my previous machine, because I couldn’t lower it so I wouldn’t. I needed a spare part. to use a plastic piece to use and it wasn’t great. So this is really good, so it’s hum really really good. Ok. So. Here on the top you have the tension the needle position, and the width of your stitch, depending on the fabric and I think is pretty much that. Well it’s not most beautiful machine. But seems very robust. heavy duty! Oh yeah and the pedal, it’s a very regular but I wouldn’t hope differently. Yep so yeah this is a very robust machine, very good construction materials and. I am really eager to try it. I hope you liked this un boxing.

How much should you be spending on a sewing machine we are diving into that question your love of sewing crafts and DIY projects and it is the ultimate question for the beginner I can definitely see why someone who’s kind of interested in sewing maybe that’s you would be a little bit dissuaded or like you know am I really goning to drop 300 bucks on something only to find out you don’t like it here’s the other .

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