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There is so much you can do with sewing. You can make your own sewing labels. A lovely little SEW & TELL for you. So these are my five makes from February and two of them are Tilly and the Buttons pattern hacks from the Stretch book which I’m sure you have all seen lots and lots, and three of the others are from indie pattern companies and I will just link the pictures as I’m showing you, because I’ve got them pdf so they’re not so sexy to look at. So, yeah. I hope you’ve all had a really lovely sewing week. Now last week I had to go back into my old secondary school to give a talk to encourage the year nine students to take textiles as a GCSE, which I did and I absolutely loved. So all of you teachers out there I don’t know how you do it every day, it is so tiring talking all day, plus I was crapping my pants for most of the day so that probably didn’t help, but oh my God, you guys are amazing if you are teachers, I don’t know how you do it day in and day out.

Yes, well done. So for any of you who are new to my channel do subscribe and hit the notification bell just down here so that you stay abreast, so that you stay up to date with all of my awesome source videos. Okay so let’s get cracking with this SEW & TELL. Okay, hopefully you can hear me over there. So this is my Tilly andthe Buttons Stella Hack, so I will come a bit closer in a moment but I’m just gonna show you, and you have to ignore my microphone. So you can see it is a raglan crop and the idea behind this one was I wanted to make a hoodie that complimented the Closet Case Jenny overalls and I’ve wanted a cropped hoodie for ages. And, yeah, So I thought why the hell don’t I just make one myself, so I did.

But yeah, I’ll come a bit closer so you can see, the raglan runs across here and this is made from an organic French terry from The Textile Company and the hood lining, which I’ll show you there is also from the Organic Textile Company and that is a single jersey and I’m not sure if its still on offer but it was on an introductory ort of promotion, I guess? Or it was cheaper so that’s why I swagged it up and the next thing that I need to show you is made from a pattern? No, made from fabric from them as well, which is also at an introductory cost so I will pop it below for you guys to go and check out, to see whether it’s still there or something you’d like.

But yeah anyway I’ll pop it below if you’re interested. Yeah, so, what I’ve done with this one is I created, let me just go on my tippytoes, a 10 centimeter hem just to give it a bit of weight at the bottom and I extended it, I think probably, by about five centimeter on each side. Now the one thing I did is I slightly screwed it up. Now I knew I was doing it wrong but I wasn’t confident in my convictions, which is really stupid because I should have just gone with what I thought, so basically this is what I’ve done wrong. I took the seam allowance off when I was drafting the pattern and I knew I didn’t need to add it back on, and I don’t know why I did. But you live and learn, and I did.

So I’ve have to put a tuck here but luckily the hood covers it up. I did put that correction on my pattern straight away, so when I make my next one I will know. Also with this one you may have seen in, oh I don’t know when it was, a video awhile ago I drawn out some croakies and I wanted to do a color block one. So that is my plan for the next one. So I have some orange french terry that is in my fabric haul video, which I will link up here. That I plan to make with, plan to make with. So I kind of want to do a color block that runs maybe across here and I’ve got some of this left and I’ve got the orange, ideally I’d love to make it with a navy french terry and the orange.

But I think I should use this up before I move on and buy anymore. Yeah, so this is my Stella hoodie hack. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. And now I will show you my next Tilly and the Buttons hack. Okay guys, so this is my Freya hack, so I will just turn around and show you So I have turned the Freya into, I’m just going to come so you can see, sorry I’m sticking my boobs in your face. This is a slash neck, so I kind of yeah I adapted to a slash neck, like I mentioned this is a fabric from the Organic Textile Company and it is a single jersey. Now I really like this top and I knew at the time when I was making it I wasn’t sure if this fabric would be suitable.

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