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Do you think about sewing work. We are talking selling. We would love to talk to you if you are watching more shopping tonight. This is pr the only scheduled the hearing for the whole visit, this is it, only 200 of them. The 200  that remain are only for the show and it is free shipping, less than $100 on your credit card. There is a be-all, end-all, do it all machine. However when you are ready to hook it up to your personal computer, it magically morphs into an morphs in embroidery machine with a 6x 10 inches slide on hoop. You get 125 built-in designs it also has multiple hoop, you can stitch out the can s vector files that means clipart so you can literally make your own designs, digitize your own artwork, your children’s artwork, you can put it in your computer and stitch it out, you can make your own logos and banners ow and absolutely endless opportunity.

Not only would a machine like this with another brand, all the other brands you the take an embroidered design that has already made and stitch it out, you can rotate it a little bit or resize it a little bit but what is with you and your image, you can repeat a lie, yo you can make the design k, at the end of machine is human rights. What is you are looking at now y is teaching 125 built-in embroidery designs. You can see the beautiful stitch accuracy, you would not be able to wou tell the difference between this machine and a machine that would a m cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Here t we have one of the built-in patterns, everyone’s asked me to please please pretty might show how to do monogramming with this machine because everyone loves to do monogram he so i set up a second embroidery machine here and i want you to take a look at the computers green do not be afraid i was a little bit intimidated by the embroidery first as well.

When you look at all of the other embroidery machines, it in this price range they have tiny little screens on this machine, look at th the big beautiful screen i get to look at. I know we have a lot of people watching and shopping tonight. Please call us at the testimony of talk line, the first thing i love about this i know darlene explained it to you but this gives you far more potential and versatility, even then the embroidery machines that sell for solvents t of dollars– thousands o of dollars you can do of all of your home deck or fashion and this as the same functions as an embroidery machine that cost over $3000. We have sold a number of the embroidery machines that $1000.

But if this arrivals the $3000 machine, i do not know about you but i cannot tell the difference. Tel even talk about re-creating your sons or daughters precious artwork. Re-creating precious moments and the artwork that will be worth more to you with thousand times over. Let us just go ahead and put in the stitches and you can make that much larger so you can see it up close and personal to see exactly what the stitches look like. See that one stitch here on the deed, what if i wanted it to be a little wider on the side, i can pull out these points, not only can i move not these points for a monogram, i can now say stitch it and it will fill in the stitches for me, what other software does something like this ? And then you can ? And change the field, say ch you do not want to fill there you can pull up this window, you can go to stitchtite, it is unbelievable the different stitches that are available, and with the advanced editing you will see many catalogs, this is just one of many catalogs, let us just ca use that for example for the interest of time.

Go ahead and click the ahea check over here you see a preview window then go ahead and say apply. The deed just changed i am sure you probably did su not notice but i am not going to go to be and look do you see how the d is different because d we added in no stitches right now. That is just one of the many things you can do when your you have your hands on the software. Now transmit s to the machine, the to t whole design comes up, now all i have to do i turn off my cutter i go ahead and start this, start stitching and then after it has stitches they had were 10 stooges you stop you cut your thread uses are still do what i just did and what there you go. Now a standalone machine right next to it.

See it is like having two machines in one but you can also quell with this machine i love them for a quote machine and a sewing machine and the embroidery works by itself. It will work by itself but the machine i is a sewing machine, check it out, two lights to the right to lights t to the left and two lights inside here so li you get all of this you extra illumination. You are also getting extra foot space. This is a fo cut out of the regular sewing machine. Look at how much extra space you get. This is the big, mack daddy machine. This has a dual accessory tray. Look at all of the x door caesarea story june have.

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