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This one word often suits to you just for me sewing. I love all the little sewing tips the darling brings to us that we have saved one of w the best machines for last. This is one of the most popular machines. M it is a limited edition and one of the coolest looking machines with a retro feel that it has that throwback look that maybe your mother or grandmother used to sew on. You’ll be making fantastic creations with this customer pick! The price today you’re breaking this up over br for flexible payments of $124.99 and we are $124. Taking care of the shipping and handling sh for you. When you purchase this today you are getting all of these bells and whistles and all of the additional feet that we are going through all of these in just the moment but the value is phenomenal.

Before we start to go into all the details int that will let you know t if you have your hsn card you get extra vip financing 12 months interest-free payments. Look how large that is that huge space. All of those feet that kerry mentioned are all going to fit in there that this converts this now from a free arm to a flat bed that what makes it different aside from its unique shape and sexy streamlined look and beautiful silver beautiful covering that you have the singer retro and modern technology see mo the graphics. Look how beautiful. Ere? Let’s go so you can really see so the dramatic difference that this also has a built and alphabet so you can stitch lettering on your shirts are your husband’s shirts that if you want to make your own labels for the back of your clothes or your quilts you can do that with this machine.

Now you will see the you will dramatic difference from one time factory setting to three times let’s speed it up because you were watching sewing wer live here on hsn. To thank you can you elongate them two or three times and you can have easy access. Let’s say you just wanted stitch number one or stitch number 2. They st are the most popular stitches so they added them to the front so you don’t have to go around the whole guage. The alphabet has all kinds of icons and lettering. Do you see the lettering? You can program that in by pushing the button there and there’s a lot of different options of that you will find interesting. State of in the art museum style technology. This will certainly be a collector’s item. You also get a few bundle of pressure feet and you pr get a-frames foot to get make your own frenchfreng french–fringe. You simply screw on the foot make sure it’s nice and tight and im moving at tight and im moving it to.4 and it will give a nice thick fill.

How nice is it to add these expensive elements and you’re getting all of these accessories to create these looks with this value today. I love that it is a limited edition modernized with the latest technology. I lat want you to see just how easy it is to turn that display i want it to be easy. We make it easy here at hsn so you don’t have to go out and purchase everything separately. You’re getting you’re ge everything fromebeading, parading. Your embroidery, edge joining, courting–chording, fancy trim foot which we will show you in just wi the second. You’re getting everything you need and plus more because you’re getting all of the special feet. Were going to show the fancy seat next.

See this little led lights? If li you want to change the stitch width when the st led light is let you led move the dial and i can go all the way across now. Now will move the stitch length. Use the latter stitch when latte you’re working with seeming and if you use the ladder stitch it is hidden and looks a lot better. You bee will receive 8 foot with the roller and it’s like the little steamroller and you can sew over plastic, pleather, leather.

This is leather actually pleather on netting and it was layered over asap mining so you can make your own designer dresses. You de can make your own faux fur tops and you will have the strength and ha the durability of the machine is there to sew heavy-duty things that you can do beautiful art work and gorgeous quilts that would be an art shows that you can use the metallic thread for stippling. You name it you will be able to make those realities with the this machine that remember the short and the long stitches? You can program them into ca the computer’s memory the and to whatever stitch you want. See this is a sequence of bead sequence stitches and they tiny next stitch and if you use the sequencing and u do row after row you do have really fabricated your own material and inspired pieces that you will not find anywhere else. They are one-of-a-kind and they came from heart to hand and you will have up last sewing–a blast.

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