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Do you got to sewing thread stores. You can save the lines that we have are brand-new singer coming up for you. It is of up very cool, very powerful sewing machine and sewin you’re going to love all of the bells and whistles t on this compact design that we are taking over $100 off of this machine as well and it is on for flexible payments of $74.99. That is coming up for you in just the little bit so stay with us and jump inside the hsn community if you hsn have any questions for darlene. I want to tell you about the today’s special at midnight tonight because it’s another good one that this is just in time to refresh your bedroom for the new year. Concierge collection for peace col down alternative comforter set that this is the today’s special the first time offering a comforter and duvet with hollow core fibers and a beautiful color palette to match any pal room that this will be offered on flex pay and o do not forget to add the hsn mobile app to your tablet.

Everything you love about hsn is on the app and download that ap now that stick around we have more coming up for you next, stick around. This is extra heavy duty and let me move this team team seam died over and you can have them as you wide as you like which w is great that these are all of your stitches. There are five built in stitches and a but in whole or holer. This is good for everyone in the entire family. Zigzag, straight stitch that str goes up to sixth millimeters wide that right now are going through denim look how fast they can go through 8 layers! 1250 stitches per minute that is fast! That is the fastest machine before moving into an industrial.

I have the cutter on the back of the shank so you can cut your thread. As you can see there are no tension nightmares on te the back, everything is beautiful through the silk as well. You will s be able to do that. Here are some features on are this machine that you will love. This is your stitch width from one this is your stitch this width from 1 to 5 mm. Built and bobbin winder and when you go to wind the bobbin in order to keep the needle from going up and down you will want to disengage the clutch and simply take this and see how i’ve pushed it in? Suction cup bottoms and a stainless steel a stai flatbed that this is an machine that will not snag and the stainless steel will avoid nicks and snags for delicate fabrics so bridal shop, costumes it is good for all of those things that the feet just snap on them and snap off and you and have whole collection of feet.

This is the piping foot. See how it goes left or right when it’s on the last i will sew o on the right side of the foot that right now i’m going to sew on the left side and snap it in side place and there it is. Make sure your needle is then the straight position because you don’t want it to bump into the foot. Your piping will go fast, construction, zigzag, everything you need. I will tell you what. I wi ran a costume business for years with these for five stitches that this is incredibly powerful and quiet and fast and easy to use. This is what darlene said she used these in her costume business for 15 years and it is easy for you a to use as well so i can imagine this is the image great starter machine gr for people as well. I want to show you how easy it is now to remove this foot and put on you just give it a you j little tip and it pops off that this foot actually makes bigger buttonholes than the larger buttonhole foot It makes infinity buttonholes meaning you can make mea them as long as you want because you will be able to dial each part of the buttonhole and watch how the buttons change on their own.

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