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Do you want to cover sewing machine. Our showstopper is just that, it is the singer legacy. Now singe listen to this part it l is the embroidery and sewing machine. We have a special price for you today say this is about. Sometimes we have embroidery machines, sometimes we have great sewing machine. We have but then together thanks the singer, you said it is amazing thanks to is your views and made a customer pick. Now our price break is never earlier at $999.95. $999.95.–reviews. We’ve taken that $300 off our price, you see the retail? You can go out and privately but we think together we are about italia, you can be so glad you saved over $1000 by shopping here today hsn.5 today hsn. Flexpayments at $199.99 is only for today. And i is a big decision is a b however it is only for today and free shipping & handling is also now take it right $10 plus.

We got vip financing for you can too. It you you ideas are colorful and mighty and superhero hsn card you could even take nine months the paper this machine, you would not have interest making sure you make a payment average single month. Av you get a pretty much decide with as payments are, a lot of people are just divide up and do it evenly so it would be about 100 or so, $111 is to be exact. Easy my brain was doing math in my head $111 per month you can deliver that you okay five months to pay it otherwise it is $199.99. Okay here we go we are starting at the top, taking it from the top we have your bobbins. Everything is coming included in your spool pin caps, your spool pin about holy smoke that is a tricky one.

–felt. This bullpen and then we also have your ability to do the buttonholes again really nice buttonhole foot deluxe essentials oh yes of course. Quoting bar, that is unexpected or is it? This is the big one, big one. The buttonhole open or brush, your screwdriver, done we scr have more for you. You.

–quilting. This straight stitch but, the clear separate purchase footbridge straight underneath the open toe, the blind him but,–hem foot. That embroidery foot so that really foot gives you a lot of creative room and you don’t follow anyone’s rules island apart, rule don’t you? Then remember it is a sewing machine i by nominal–i love that part. And is your bartering machine you’ll received the 10 x 6 who, the 4 x 4 and a narrow hem foot in according he but in check this out that is your information information–foot. , professional sewware. Ar. Software deluxe edition addition for your singer legacy. It is a thumb drive that comes with dr it. Remember when it was emmanuel? Remember when he does maybe went to he the internet rather than manual when–manual. You downed or dvd that is do now on the drive–thumb. Making it so much making easier.

Do you need that? Yeah i’m glad it is included you have to pay extra for. What if you don’t have a computer do you know what a couple y of sessions with your needs, your nephew, nephew,–niece. Your daughter. Somebody on da the computer, go to the library check it out and get a librarian to help you and lo and behold wow! That so cool! We’re going to join staff any grants right now, on over. Here we go. All right i’m over-the-top amazing–stefaney. Over $1000 not even if you’re just getting this If you’re just getting into the sewing machine, think about it because there’s so much built into it. Your home is like oh good embroidery stew or as in a mortar emission in hook it up to your computer and by the way it is a phenomenal it is sewing machine.

It is the newest addition to using our family if you will and everyone is very, very excited about and each e is available for one is take a look at it. It is this kind of a new design into an iconic image right? Singer or image right? Singer sewing is anonymous in s my mind the limited either the front of it and have some surprises for you as well and we will happen to sewing. But there are so many features that you want everyone to know what offers. So we have a lot in stitch.

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