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You can learn many things about sewing like how to make a tea cosy sewing. For all this you need best sewing skills. A little bit of the right outside the ordering process start time to think about it this is our legacy. This is brand-new, this is the world launch only here w at hsn. With the world launch this is an importer he machine and a sewing machine machine embroidery. Combine into one combine normally would not about quarter cup. Right right darling and we have to look at our computer, no knot design. You get a usb port so you are able or that you have the or that drive you can plug into it. So darlene is going to break all that down–this time. We down taken $300 off this take money for you to take advantage we also free shipping & handling. Shi free shipping i mean fre look at the size of the sewing machine, that is incredible. Then we also have five likable have f payment of $199.99.$199.B $199.99.–flexa if you’d like, any of the hsn credit card if you do cr not apply if you not not that you can apply and upon approval take $10 off your first purchase then you vip financing white gold get it home nine monthly is on the done hsn credit card don that would take it it–flexible.

To $111 to get the sewing machine now home. But darling that talk about why you have fallen in love with the sewing machine. This machine has features unlike any that i’ve had the privilege i of working on before. I’ve feel honored i’m able to launched this right here hsn. This is the world launch, we are very excited, we have very limited quantities for the day. So you’re going to get you hundred 50 built-in stitch patterns. There are 10 auto touch, their 14 14–250. Autosize buttonhole, seven button stretch stitches, 118 decorative patterns. You have 18 satin stitches, 22 elongation stages, 23.23.

Let’s see quilting stitches and 30 heirloom patterns all of that is an absolutely beautiful and easy to use. Let’s take a look u at that touch screen you’re going to love you this new technology. Onto sew–i want to. Such was the sewing button i want 109 so bush 109 and up comes the stitch. I’ve can screen. Regulate the stitch width and i’m going to go ahead and stitches the video beautifully stitches out. There are three led lights. This has an automatic has an infrared sensors of your thread runs out it will stop selling so you do not find yourself stitching a whole lot st and then coming back saying ahh my threat is gone!–sewing. Silo that it is a wonderful peter didn’t have an automatic right cutter.

Very intuitive, very intelligent machine of all the machine i’ve had the privilege of using. There’s that the right cutter, it cuts–thread. You do it and you enjoy. This is only out only able to get through able about 110 of the about 1 built-in stitch patterns. But there are 250. But maybe by the time i’m able to come back i will have the rest of these done and how ie do encourage you to stitch them out and see how beautiful they are. The answer dreaming about an you next project and you also deal to get also de familiar with the machine. Quickly i’m going to change the thread at the sewing machine and i’ll want to show you i’ the mirror imaging, the stitching elongation and has a built-in alphabet.

This is the tip of the iceberg. For me what ice i’ve pay $1000 just for this computerized sewing machine, dancers absolutely. This is the cream of the crop, that is the head of the class machine. The graham milligram absolutely and a class of its own. So why would but the fact that also does that also embroidery is crazy. The right night is additionally the elongation i’m under snap-on my favorite foot–creme de foot–cre is the parallel is the p stitching but in just st the comes of this the co machine also you’re getting press served but pressure control.

It is a knob on the left side of the machine. But of t watch lakota one of the satin stitch in 187. For the 187. That satin stitch on the weu can adjust the stitch which, you can adjust the you c stitch length. You can also hit off and what happens? Stitch elongation so now times one, times two, times three document along the the–so now i can make a long bead. So right between glad the short beats, i am now going to have a long be. Most of that is genius.

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