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Most of the people do work for clothes sewing. You are this machine. It is a blowout deal, a huge customer pick you did this at $169. I want to say in august september get absolutely blew out. We were able to get in 500 of these, it is $129.95, while the quantity last it is unbelievable, the file u is stitch it does not is get any simpler. This machine years ago would have been 400 $500. Ha now it is $129.95. It has accessory storage right down here which fits into the side of the machine, easy the ma onboard accessory storage. All of the feet snap on and snap off. So the first thing there will snap on is that date mac daddy foot. 95 the other thing i am shocked about is we are shipping this to you for free. A $15 value on that as $15 well it is like getting this machine for $115 it is ridiculously good if you are trying to teach her grandchildren to l you do not have a you do machine this is great. M it finishes off your german, the inside of your garment when you buy something from a department store, it is your cut and sew we knew this would be popular.

Already if you want to get yours, you need to g be one of the first people in line. It comes with some great accessories. I am just shocked at this price. And this is a stretch stitch. It is a snap on snap off foot treated the other feet you are receiving You are also given the standard, the one step in whole, buttonhole. You get the side cutter. In the free motion foot. This is one of foo your most user-friendly machines. You want to make some drapes, you want to sell any patch, you want to make little barbie clothing, you bar want to do some your basic quilting. All of these great functions that come included, this is the perfect machine, this is very similar to the sewing machine i had. And i upgraded at that point to the machine poi that i have now. That is the beauty of the singer. Once you get in there and start doing this, an you really do get it.

If you’re anything like me, typically we tossed typi these of great intentions, we either do not want to do it by not hand or we do not have the right tool, know if you have a machine the entire family can use, you can get through all of those projects and so much more, as far as who is this right for? Anybody starting to sell would love to have this machine i particularly like the swirls i find this inspiring. He has a beautiful outline, it is so simple to use everything is dial a stitch. You are either s in the street zone or in the stretch zone there t is no two ways about it. As far as learning curve there is no learning curve. It is that simple with a top loading shopping bobbin. I will show you how simple this is to go ahead and put that ahead bobbin in. Down goes the needle, you replace the little plastic clear cover, you can always see how much gas is in your tank. And then you just snap on your next foot and you are ready to get going again.

We do have a rolling traveling case, it is tr not something you will take here or there. You will have that one in your home you can move y it around because you have a great carrying case, this one is the perfect one to take perf along with you, when you travel places, if you go over to your grandchildren’s house. You that your sisters, your aunts, you want you some great crafting, since wiki pages. Do you think about this is a super simple machine. It has all of the same simple characteristics. You did not notice a small spot.

If you want a stitch, all of your cooking pieces together this is stitching in the ditch. We want the blocks to be the start, this is a great easy first beginners project he wanted you to see you wa are not limited just because the price is bec low, this is the most user-friendly. It is the easiest to operate with the lowest learning curve.

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