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Butterick B6178 Sewing Pattern Review: I made a pair of linen culottes over the summer using Butterick B6178 Sewing Pattern.

It was a free sewing pattern that came with Love Sewing Magazine. SO, I really like these culottes. They look like an A line skirt but they are actually trousers. Now the pattern comes with several variations and I made View B which has got the deep pleats and the pockets and the straight waistband.

I like how comfortable they are.I love the depth of the pockets- it has got really nice deep pockets. CheckĀ best sewing tool

And I also love the ability to have the full range of motion with my legs and I don’t have to worry about showing. So, yeah, I was very pleased with how these turned out. These were actually a toile and they’ve become a wearable toile. I am showing on the back there the deep pleats that give you that volume.

They are midi length which I wasn’t too sure about but I feel like it sort of works for me in that length especially if I wear flat shoes to go with them.

My favorite way to wear them, actually, is with this particular H&M top that I picked up from a charity shop. I sort of feel really grown up and very chic and genteel, very very ladylike when I am wearing this particular outfit together.

Unfortunately that doesn’t last very long because I am NOT those qualities,unfortunately and I just sort of break out into DANCE, because I love the movements of these culottes.

So in terms of whether I would recommend this pattern or not; I just need to mention that they do have a straight waistband. And if you have a shaped waist like I do, you’d need to probably do a contoured waist adjustment.

And this basically is so that you don’t have that gaping bit where the straight waist band sort of just sticks out.

For me, it is minor but if I wanted to nit pick, that be just the one main fitting adjustment I’d have to make which is to do a contoured waistband adjustment which I’ll probably do for my next one – I do plan on making another pair of these. SO I am showing the center back seam there where you have the zip.

I used an invisible zip and hook and bar fastening along with my personalized garment labels. I finished all of the seams with the over locker and everything just went well together. I cut out a size 10 and it fits me perfectly.

The cons I would say are that its got a straight waist band and I don’t like a center back zip – its very awkward when you go to the bathroom I think.

I love the big pockets, its very comfortable and its great value because it comes with 3 different views. It is a practical lowers, trousers bottom to make. I hope you have enjoyed the pattern review, If you did please do give it a big thumb sup.

I’ll be back very soon with a pattern review of a pair of trousers that I love very much so do remember to subscribe to get notifications for when that video goes out very soon.

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