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Are you looking for sewing t shirt material. I will be taking this pattern which is a basic t-shirt and turning it into a maternity t-shirt and then showing you how you can adapt it after the baby is born back into a t-shirt, so that you can continue to wear it afterward. So let’s get started 🙂 Intro (soft music) Here is Morgan wearing the finished tops featured in this video Congratulations to Max and Morigan This is what my original pattern pieces look like and I’ve enlarged them from the pattern directions so that you can see it but this is for M7322 here is the front for ABC and D views and then here is the back for all views Because I use my patterns over and over again within multiple sizes what I like to do is trace my patterns. Now I’m using the Pell on Easy Pattern I’ve put a piece of printer paper down here so that it doesn’t mark my desk and go ahead and trace that out using all your markings okay then you want to do a mirror image of that on this side and transfer all your markings over again what you will get is you will get a piece that looks like this.

So now, let’s go ahead, and let’s take thist-shirt pattern which is the original pattern piece and now let’s make it for maternity. That there are four seams, side seams in this pattern. You have a left front a right front and then I’ve done the same thing to the back. You have a left back, and the left front, so that is a total of four side seams. I want to enlarge this by six inches. So I want to increase. I know that each seam increase is one and a half inches. Okay, so now what I’m going to do, is I am going to lay this out, take my ruler, and then I would measure an inch and a half out. Now let’s say the inch and a half at the waist is right there. That’s just same thing at the other end.

And so I am going to place a pin in the intersecting the point where my seams intersect above my increase. So now what I am going to do is I am going to swing out to that inch and a half, and I am going to go ahead and draw that line making sure that I add all my seams and now I am going to also do the bottom, stopping at the center. Okay so now I’m going to swing it back out to my original point, and I’m going to do the same thing to the other side. Now let’s put this back exactly where our points were originally, you can also do this first. My neckline putting my Center. Okay, and then now we can remove this pin. Now you can see here that at the bottom it didn’t meet up.

Okay, what you’re going to do is you can just meet that up just like that, because you will notice, now let me get the original piece here, our original pattern piece, you can see that there’s extra room here that it, that room there is really necessary because you need the extra fabric to go over the baby bump, so you need to lengthen the center front. So you see how by swinging out this pattern piece, we have added one and a half inches to this side, one and a half inches to this side, so our front we’ve already added a total of three inches to our front once you add these two up, and it adds probably about an inch to an inch and a half also at the bottom.

Now you want to transfer over all your notches. So now this is my front Maternity and the size for Morigan. Okay, and this ism7322 and is front number one pattern piece. Now you’re going to go ahead and do all this to the back also, so that you have a total of an inch and a half a teach of these side seams. So you’re going to do the same exact thing to the back, and create another pattern piece. So you will have a total of three inches added in the front, three inches added in the back for your total of your six inches increased for this pattern. Now when looking at this pattern, you can now see that nothing has changed in the arm hole, the shoulder, or the neckline.

You can, let me grab the original pattern piece, and you see how everything is still the same. Now when you pivot this out, okay, you are going to be marking this edge, don’t worry about this up here, of course it’s not going to line up, but once, you can see that once it is all done and everything nothing changed in the armhole the shoulder or the neckline. So when you take your sleeve, and you go to set in this sleeve, you can see everything still matches up. Okay, so nothing has changed.

So you will be able to use this sleeve, and not have to do anything to change the sleeve. Okay, now once the baby is born, what are you going to do? You are going to take your original pattern piece, okay, and you are going to take your garment, and you are going to unpick, let me use a different color so it will help you, do not go all the way up to your sleeve, because you don’t want to mess with any of the seams here for your sleeve, so just unpick about an inch or so below your sleeve. You are going to take your original pattern piece, and you are going to line it back up with your garment, okay just like that, and you are going to go ahead and mark it again on both sides.

Since this is your original pattern piece, you already have your seam allowance on each side, so there’s no need to add anything more. Okay, also go ahead and forgot to do the bottom, because we want this bottom to go back to the original point also. What you’re now going to do is take your scissors, and you’re going to cut away, and you’re going to do the same thing to the back. Then you’re going to take it to your sewing machine, you’re going to sew up your side seams, and do the hem to your desired length, at the same way you did when you made the pattern the first time. So now you’ll have the t-shirt just like this, and it will be one that you are we’re able to wear as maternity, and then continue to wear it after the baby is born, to add more pieces to your wardrobe, and to be able to get more wear out of each garment.

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